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Buckets Self Portrait by Artist Bucket: PAPER & CANVAS AVAILABLE

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"Bucket Self Portrait" by Bucket (in stock)
  • ABOUT THIS PAINTING: This is the self portrait of our artist 'Bucket'.  Bucket arrived on our planet thousands of years ago, from a race of other dimensional beings made of light, magic,nerdy science fiction, and gluten. Since protruding into our dimension, Bucket has educated the greatest artists of the world about capturing the beauty of humanity in art. From the ancient Greeks to Michelangelo, the Impressionists and even all that Jackson Pollock nonsense, Bucket has had a direct influence on our exploration of art. Bucket has decided to focus on highlighting humanity's stupidity and hilarity, because, well after all this time, Bucket finds humanity to be stupid and hilarious. Not being human, Bucket has no gender, but prefers to be identified with females as "the only ones on your planet who seem to know what the hell they're doing." In her own dimension, Bucket's body is a beautiful form of starlight and cosmic magnificence, but in our dimension she manifests as a small pink lump of some rubbery stuff with eyeballs.Bucket's name in her own world is unpronounceable in any human tongue, but roughly translates as "cylindrical vessel of light and knowledge, also convenient way to carry stuff with a terribly uncomfortable handle". She enjoys long walks on the beach, the Beatles,and has a strange affinity for nerdy science fiction movies and glutenous pastry products.We thank Bucket for her other-worldly artistic gifts, and hope she one day shows us how to actually recycle properly
  • Choice of PREMIUM PAPER or WRAPPED CANVAS which is ready to hang/no frame necessary. UV protected Canvas is wrapped around an internal hardwood stretcher bar so the sides of the canvas mirror the image. 
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