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Many believe Bucket is the reincarnated soul of Leonardo Da Vinci encompassed in the revived body of George Carlin. A nonverbal child, Bucket was taught English and human behavior by watching cult and pop phenomenon films such as The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Harold and Maude, and, of course, Star Wars. Always more comfortable wresting with the family dog than engaging in dinner conversation, Bucket soon began expressing himself through his artwork. To maintain a semi-normal lifestyle, Bucket has become infamous for wearing a 5 gallon metal bucket on his head to avoid having to communicate with his peers and a means to hide his true identity. His love of unique headwear includes buckets made from disassembled parts from James Dean’s “Little Bastard”, Tutankhamun’s sarcophagus, and discarded pieces of the “Blucifer” statue at the Denver International Airport. Today, Bucket engages in a hermit like lifestyle in Ft Collins, Colorado where he spends his days painting, taking long bubble baths, and yodeling at the moon.