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Dropping Acid by Artist Bucket

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Dropping Acid
~ Ellen Ripley said "My, what few eyes you have grandmother!" "and what a big mouth & teeth you have" said Ms. Ripley. "Much better to eat you with" the Xenomorph said with acid dripping from its mouth. Little did she know, this was actually the creature of nightmares replacing her baby picture with that of its alien young-ling. Though, not even the Xenomorph could stand to get rid of the adorable family cat. ~
  • Comes with Certificate of Hilarity
  • Dropping Acid is the perfect alien bathroom art based on an original oil painting by the anonymous artist Bucket. This ridiculous portrayal of grandmother is the perfect addition to anyone's home decor.
  • Choice of Premium Paper or Wrapped Canvas. Canvas is ready to hang/no frame necessary. UV protected Canvas is wrapped around an internal hardwood stretcher bar so the sides of the canvas mirror the image. 
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  • Nothing to see here, just an alien knitting a sweater for its family